Blue Jays: Best players in franchise history to wear jersey numbers 0-10

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
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The Toronto Blue Jays have had many exciting players in their organization over the years.

Some were here for a good time, others for a long time, but they all represented the logo on the front of the jersey.

On the back, where the name and number go, is a different story. Here are the best players in franchise history wearing numbers 0-10.

#0 – Al Oliver

No, Oliver didn’t have a long stretch with the Jays, he finished his career with a 61-game stint with the team back in 1985, but he was the only player to have worn 0, so he gets the nod.

#00 – Taijuan Walker

Again, not a lot of choice here. Just two players, Walker and Cliff Johnson (in his second go-round with the Jays) wore double-zero. Walker gets the slight edge, after being acquired from the Seattle Mariners he went 2-1 with a 1.37 ERA and helped the club make the playoffs in the bizarre 2020 season.

#1 - Tony Fernández

Plenty of notable names have worn number one, and Whit Merrifield will wear it in 2023 but the best to wear the numero uno must be Tony Fernández, who won four Gold Gloves, made four All-Star teams, and amassed 37.5 WAR over three stretches with Toronto, spanning 12 seasons.

#2 - Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill was solid as a rock for the franchise for six-plus seasons from 2005-2011. He had one spectacular season in 2009 when his bat went crazy to the tune of 36 home runs, 108 RBI and 4.5 WAR. Although he wouldn’t approach those numbers again, Hill will be remembered fondly by Jays fans.

#3 - Reed Johnson

Reed Johnson had a good run as a member of the Blue Jays in the mid-2000s but his career really took off when he swapped out jersey number 37. Johnson wore three from 2005-2007 and had his best season in 2006 with a .319/.479/.869 slash line with 12 homers, 34 doubles, and 5.1 WAR.

#4 - George Springer

This was a tough one for me. Alfredo Griffin was one of the Jays' early stars, the 1979 AL Rookie of the Year, and named an All-Star in 1984. Manuel Lee was a key role player and gave Griffin his old number four back for the World Series run in 1992. George Springer has the unique distinction of being a key figure in team history and a current player, thanks in large part to the franchise-record six-year, $150M contract prior to the 2021 season.