Blue Jays: A look back at the 5 best Opening Day performances in franchise history

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What are the top 5 best Opening Day performances in Toronto Blue Jays history?

Over the course of the Toronto Blue Jays' storied franchise history, the club has managed to go 24-22 in Opening Day games, not a bad mark.

This list is a tough one to assemble, as the Blue Jays have been lucky to have some exceptional season-opening performances from players over the years. From stars to nobodies, there have been quite a few players worthy of making a list like this one.

Honorable mention goes to Tony Batista and his outstanding game in the 2000 season opener against the Kansas City Royals. Batista and Shannon Stewart both hit two home runs in this game, helping the Jays top the Royals in 5-4 fashion.

Who could've possibly topped that? We found five season-opening performances that rank just above this in the Blue Jays' history books.

5. Marcus Stroman, 2019

While almost nothing went right for the 2019 Blue Jays, staff ace Marcus Stroman was on his A-game in the season opener against the Tigers.

Stroman's Opening Day start that year was the second he made in a six-year career in Toronto. By this time, he had already established himself as an All-Star-level starter (although he didn't actually make his first ASG until later that year), and was one of the more electric starters the Jays had had in recent memory when he was on.

On March 28th against the Tigers, he was on. Stroman dominated the opposition, going seven innings and striking out seven batters, walking four and allowing just two hits along the way. He looked nearly unhittable that day, but the club still found a way to lose the contest 2-0 thanks to an equally-impressive start by Detroit's Jordan Zimmermann.