Blue Jays 2024 Season Preview: Infielders

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers
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1B Spencer Horwitz

After making his MLB debut last season, Spencer Horwitz will likely find himself on the shortlist of players called upon should an injury occur on the Blue Jays roster.

Horwitz, a 26 year old first baseman who’s also seen time in the outfield and second base, brings the attributes of contact and plate discipline to a position player core that is lacking those skills from their left-handed hitters. Horwitz had a .450 OBP over 107 games of Triple-A ball in 2023, to go with 10 home runs and 72 RBI. A .337 batting average, with much better splits against righties, solidified what was an exceptional minor league season for Horwitz. He made his debut on June 18th in Texas before being optioned two games later. He’d return in September and get into twelve more games before being left off the Wild Card Series roster.

After having demolished pitching in Buffalo last year, it doesn’t appear as though Horwitz has much left to prove, though the Blue Jays could be looking for more power production. With only ten homers at a power position like first base, the Jays may see Horwitz as needing more development time and intend on sending him to Buffalo to start 2024. Steamer likes Horwitz, projecting a .359 OBP and a 113 wRC+ for 2024, an impressive projection for someone with such little big league time.

It seems as though the floor for Horwitz is at least an above average hitter with extreme plate discipline. However, more power output and less discrepancy in his splits between lefties and righties seem like areas where Horwitz could use more seasoning. 

The first baseman seems ticketed for Buffalo come April. There’s a productive big league hitter in Horwitz, it’s just a matter of when - and where - he’ll get his shot.