Benches clear during Blue Jays-Rays matchup after Genesis Cabrera shoves Rays player

MLB Spring Training Game New York Yankees Against Toronto Blue Jays
MLB Spring Training Game New York Yankees Against Toronto Blue Jays / VIEW press/GettyImages

Things have not been going well for the Toronto Blue Jays in the vast majority of their season-opening series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

After an impressive 8-2 victory by the Blue Jays on Opening Day, the bats have gone cold while the opposite has been true for the Rays' offense.

Absence any additional fireworks from the Jays on Saturday, the benches cleared in the bottom of the seventh inning when Genesis Cabrera and Rays shortstop Jose Caballero got into it at third base.

Benches clear in Blue Jays-Rays game

Caballero had dropped a bunt to the third base side in efforts of getting Randy Arozarena home and reaching base with his wheels. Arozarena scored, Justin Turner threw the ball to first and it went wide. Caballero was able to get all the way to third base but not before George Springer nailed him with a strong throw to Bo Bichette, who was covering third.

Caballero and Cabrera bumped into each other ever-so-slightly and Caballero took offense to it. As you can see in the video, it doesn't look like Cabrera had any intent behind the move. It seems as if they just bumped into each other.

Caballero got upset and started jawing at Cabrera, who shoved him before both benches and bullpens emptied. There wasn't a whole lot in the way of further physical actions, but Cabrera was ejected from the game because of the incident.

It remains to be seen whether Cabrera will face a suspension for his part in this brief scuffle, but it wouln't be overly shocking to see him miss a game or two thanks to the shove.

As has been the case since the season opener, things are not going well for the Jays otherwise in this contest. As of right now, the score is 5-1 Rays as we head to the top of the ninth inning.