Barstool says the Blue Jays are MLB’s most frustrating team. Do they have a point?

Let's be honest, don't we all get frustrated when the Blue Jays perform below expectations?
Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent article by Barstool Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays have been identified as MLB’s most frustrating team, whether it be watching, rooting for, supporting, you name it. Being diehard Jays fans over the years, I’m sure many of us are beginning to believe that Barstool may have a point.

They mentioned that from the way the Jays have been built, they should be doing way better than are expected to be, and are bound to break out any time soon based on their talent and skills found in the makeup of the team. For instance, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. should probably be leading the team in many statistical categories based on some of his advanced statistical metrics, but hasn’t. Someone like Daulton Varsho should be having a breakout season hitting in a hitter's ballpark like the Rogers Centre. For someone like Kevin Gausman, as dominant as he could be, should probably be leading the league in wins, but somehow he has been getting terrible run support all year, preventing it from happening. For Alek Manoah, he should really be contending for the Cy Young this year again, instead of having a rebuilding stint in the minors.

To really add on to what they have brought up, we all know they have trouble with hitting in the clutch with runners in scoring position all year, always coming up short with that one key hit to change a ballgame. In addition, when it seemed like they finally found a gear to turn things around and go on a torrid winning streak, they would return to mediocrity in the following series. On top of that, how could you explain their horrendous record against their AL East opponents? Like even by chance they should be at least around the .500 record against them, as outside of their division, they are probably one of the top teams in all of baseball.

One really has to admit, even though the Jays have certainly been wildly inconsistent, in doing so, they have certainly created some mind-boggling, exciting, must-watch baseball as a result, because any time, any game, something unexpected could be waiting to happen for the ballclub. At the same time, even though we might know what the final outcome might turn out to be, we still want to watch it just to get our hearts pumping and our blood pressure go skyrocketing in the process, with the faint hope that could they actually pull it off this time for once?

One more significant observation the article brought up was that the current Jays’ core reminded them of the Philadelphia Phillies from last year, where once everything appeared to be clicking, they became an unstoppable force that led them right to the World Series. In that case, we should really hope this year’s Blue Jays are just like the 2022 Phillies team, because it would definitely mean we will be seeing the boys in blue in a deep playoff run for 2023, and knowing the Jays like we all do, something unfathomable is going to happen, but we just won’t be sure what it will be until then. After all, nothing is impossible for the Blue Jays.