Astros reportedly could shake up entire offseason by placing superstar on trade block

There's a chance a player will be available, who would improve the Blue Jays at third base and boost their potential as a World Series contender.

Houston Astros v Toronto Blue Jays
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If you were in the Blue Jays' front office, how would you respond if we said you could strengthen the third base position for next year? Bring in a player who is a recent two-time World Series champion, only 29 and coming off a season which includes 25 home runs and 98 RBI?

While we're sure you'd be on board with this, you could be forgiven for thinking this was an unlikely scenario. However, such a player may just be available to trade for, according to MLB analyst Jim Duquette.

The player in question is the Astros' Alex Bregman, with Durquette claiming there's a chance he won't be in Houston next season. Speaking on MLB Network Radio, he said:

"You start to hear (Bregman's) name mentioned in trade rumours. ... He's a Scott Boras represented client. They're not going to pay him (what he wants). There's no chance he's staying there, no chance. ... There are teams out there that would definitely have interest if (the Astros) made him available. You quietly hear his name -- they're not shopping him -- but I think they're listening, so keep an eye on Alex Bregman."

Now of course, based on the words of Duquette it's certainly no slam dunk Bregman will be moved. However, the former MLB general manager does create a scenario where the third baseman could be on his way out of Houston.

Considering the belief the Astros won't pay Bregman what he wants, time is of the essence for the Astros to get something for him. He only has one year remaining on his contract, before becoming an unrestricted free agent.

This also compromises the Astros in respect of not getting true value for the two-time All-Star, which is where the Blue Jays come in. While he may only end up being a short-term solution, he's still a tremendous one.

Bregman is still getting it done with his bat, as evidenced by his home run and RBI totals -- as well as his 92 walks -- being the third best of his eight seasons in the Majors. Contributing towards his .262/.363/.441 slash line and .804 OPS, he would boost a lineup which underperformed as a collective in 2023.

While not renowned for superior defensive play per se, the 2015 second overall draft pick still does a damn fine job at third base. In general, he would be an excellent and overall superior replacement for Matt Chapman.

While Bergman has a payroll salary of $30.5 million next year, the Blue Jays can afford it. Plus, you have to be willing to pay serious money to have excellent talent on your team.

There is the question of what the Blue Jays would be prepared -- or have -- to offer in exchange for the 2019 Silver Slugger? Again though, it works in their favour that the Astros wouldn't get what he's worth in return, although this could admittedly be driven up if enough teams express interest in a trade.

There's also the curveball of Bregman having a 10-team no trade clause in his contract. However, at the very least the Blue Jays should be reaching out for talks with the Astros, to find out if Toronto is somewhere he has any interest in going to.

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Ultimately, we can appreciate why some people would say it's not worth going after a player who would only likely be around for the short term, especially considering he's a Boras client. Regardless, Bregman is the type of player worth taking a gamble on, especially if you truly do want to be a genuine contender for the World Series next season.