Analyzing FOX Sports' Blue Jays-Shohei Ohtani trade package

As the question remains about if the Angels will even move Shohei Ohtani ahead of the Aug. 1 trade deadline, we review a Blue Jays return package which has been proposed by FOX Sports' MLB staff.
Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels
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Otto Lopez

Aside from Espinal, Otto Lopez is the only other player in this package with any Major League experience, albeit just nine games and 11 plate appearances. For what it's worth though he's done extremely well with his very limited opportunities, as per his .600/.636/.600 slash line and 1.236 OPS.

The speedy Lopez is the lowest-ranked of the prospects in the proposed package, but the Blue Jays do like him. Arguably his best trait is his versatility, with him playing at every infield and outfield position during his time with the organization, save for first base.

The Dominican Republic native needs to learn more patience at the plate, as evidenced by striking out too much with his almost all-or-nothing approach. At the moment he looks likely to project as a depth player at the Major League level, which is not going to catch the eye of the Angels.


As expected, the Blue Jays' trade package is one of the more underwhelming ones proposed by the FOX Sports MLB staff. They have one of the worse farm systems of the 12 teams included and the overall offering is not a particularly enticing one for the Angels.

Of course it's still fun to consider the possibilities, given we are talking about bringing in a player who is already been mentioned as one of the best of all time. Ultimately though the Blue Jays' chances of obtaining Ohtani are poor, with the proposed trade package only highlighting this.