Adam Cimber & Tim Mayza bring the heat in Jomboy trivia battle

Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays
Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

What do the Toronto Blue Jays do when they're not on the field? For relievers Adam Cimber and Tim Mayza, they get indoctrinated into Jomboy Media's wacky world. Recently, the two of them took part in Jomboy's baseball trivia game, 'MLB Connect', and they came through it pretty good... Except for forgetting about their own bullpen mate in one of the answers!

The game consists of a rapid fire round of filling in names of players on three specific teams who, at any point in baseball history, have reached certain milestones in a season. To help make it fair for the Jays' bullpen duo, they included the boyhood favourite teams of each of the players — the Seattle Mariners for Cimber, who was born in the Pacific Northwest, and the Philadelphia Phillies for Mayza, who's from nearby Allentown, Pennsylvania. And of course, they had to know their Blue Jays history as well.

Some of the answers were gimmes for all involved, like Ken Griffey or Edgar Martinez for a Mariners' 40-HR hitter, or Randy Johnson for a 200-strikeout pitcher. Mayza went old-school with a couple of Jays' answers, filling in Carlos Deldago as a past 40-HR hitter, and Roger Clemens as a Jays' 200 strikeout man. The late, great Roy Halladay was another long-ago Blue Jay that both Cimber and Mayza came up with as a 200-K Phillie.

But when it came to naming a Blue Jay closer who's compiled 30 saves in a season, somehow Jordan Romano slipped Mayza's mind, who quickly came up with Roberto Osuna instead. Booo. The Jays' lefty will have some 'splaining to do when he sees Romano at the ballpark. Cimber, however, did right by his teammate and quickly named the Canadian-born closer.

Later, the Jomboy team had a bit more fun with Cimber, getting him to reveal some innermost secrets of his iPhone.

The most shocking revelation? Cimber apparently isn't an email guy. He currently has 29,982 unread emails.

As long as none of those are from John Schneider or Ross Atkins, he's probably safe to get away with it.