A pair of Blue Jays trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

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Why George Springer isn't going anywhere

In theory, there is more justification in suggesting George Springer is traded. In theory.

In this respect, Springer is projected to set career-worsts for OBP, slugging percentage, OPS and OPS+. There are also issues about his age and ability to remain healthy.

Starting with his offense, despite the projections being true, the two-time Silver Slugger has still been valuable, alluding to how high he's set the bar during his 10-year career. He is third in hits, tied second in doubles, tied for the team lead in runs and even tied-third in walks.

In terms of Springer's age, being 33-years-old also doubles as a reason for other teams to stay away from him. As for his health, he's been pretty dependable up to this point by playing in all but two games, with the missed time due to a viral illness.

Another reason the four-time All-Star won't be moved, is his contract, with him only in the third season of a six-year, $150 million deal. As per the Associated Press, it's worth noting he also has a limited no-trade provision, allowing him to designate eight teams yearly he cannot be dealt to without his consent.

When combining the contract value with Springer's age and -- fairly or not -- durability concerns (which will only increase as he gets older), he isn't going anywhere. It's up to fans to decide if this is a good thing or not, but his veteran experience, which includes being named MVP of a World Series, will continue to prove invaluable to the Blue Jays.