A look back at the 2013 Blue Jays' top-30 draft picks

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Prospects are some of the most exciting players in the game today, even though the vast majority of them are not at the big league level.

Today, the Blue Jays have a strong top-ten list of prospects on their pedigree. Lefties Ricky Tiedemann (No. 1), Brandon Barreira (No. 3) and the recently-acquired Adam Macko (No. 8) are some of the strongest of the bunch.

The southpaws of the group pair nicely with the right-handers that include Yosver Zulueta (No. 5), Sem Robberse (No. 6) and Hayden Juenger (No. 7).

On the position player side of things, Orelvis Martinez (No. 2) is the top dog while Tucker Toman (No. 4), Gabriel Martinez (No. 9) and Josh Kasevich (No. 10) are the others.

Now, prospects are also massive wild cards for organizations. We've so frequently seen over the years a No. 1 overall pick flame out and never even reach the big leagues.

So often when a player is slapped with the "top prospect" label do we see said individual also assigned some huge expectations from the fans.

Look at Travis Snider, commonly referred to as the "next big thing" in Toronto way before he even saw a big league field. His entire Blue Jays career ultimately wound up being only five seasons long, seeing him post just a .248 batting average paired with a below-average 95 OPS+.

Without further ado, let's dive in to the Blue Jays top 30 draft picks of the 2013 draft.