A closer look at the rise and fall of former Blue Jays top prospect Nate Pearson

Taking a look at Nate Pearson's historical timeline with the Blue Jays and how he got to where he is today, and what we can expect from him in the future
Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers, Nate Pearson
Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers, Nate Pearson / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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What’s the future outlook for the former top prospect?

Overall, it surely has been quite disheartening to see the struggles of Pearson after what he has gone through the past three years and how hard he has worked to get back to where he is today. Every single time he was about to break out, something happens and derailed his comeback tour for that year. Nevertheless, he is currently still just 27 years old, with his birthday occurring just recently on August 20, so he definitely has plenty of time left to rectify his career.

Everyone knows that Pearson has the power and incredible stuff in his pitches to allow him to succeed at the major league level. It’s being able to put it all together and harness it into a strength that could make him pitch effectively and sustain it is what would secure his job in the big leagues for a long time.

With the uncertainty of his current status with the ballclub due to his struggles, one would just hope that he will get a chance to redeem himself by the time September rolls around so that he ends up being one of the callups for the final month of the season. From there, he would need to make the most of his opportunities to solidly contribute and help the ballclub.

The Blue Jays will definitely give him every chance to play and succeed at the highest level. After all, since they have invested so much time and effort into their former top pitching prospect, they aren’t about to give up just yet based on a couple of mediocre months. However, time is starting to run short and patience is beginning to run thin among the Jays’ faithful, so Pearson will definitely need to step it up soon to prove to everyone once again why he was once considered one of the top prospects in the business.

Knowing Pearson, he will certainly will work extra hard and give it all he can to rise to the occasion and achieve success once again. In doing so, we should be in full support of him in helping him to that goal as he aims to revitalize his once-promising career.