8 starting pitchers the Blue Jays should target at the trade deadline

With the Toronto Blue Jays needed more quality starting pitching depth to help strengthen their playoff chances, we offer some options who should be considered ahead of the Aug. 1 trade deadline.
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Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen is more of an underrated option. In fact, we've previously written about how the Blue Jays should give him some consideration.

When we wrote the article just under a month ago, Lorenzen was on course to set an impressive single-season best with a 1.138 WHIP. Unsurprisingly, this extended to single-season bests for hits and walks per nine innings.

Along with a decent-but-not-great 4.03 ERA, the 31-year-old deserved his moniker as an underrated (and undervalued) target. In the weeks since he has come back down to earth, although he still did enough to earn his first All-Star selection.

Despite this, we would still argue Lorenzen should be an option for the Blue Jays, albeit now further down the list. He remains a solid potential starter depth option, if more preferable targets become unattainable.

The Anaheim, California native is an intelligent and meticulous pitcher. He can throw up to seven pitches, with his sublime fastball being his most dangerous weapon.

As a bonus, Lorenzen can even play in the outfield if required. And with him set to become an unrestricted free agent following this season, the Tigers will very likely be open to moving him.