7 biggest one-hit wonders in Toronto Blue Jays history

Which former Blue Jays made a lasting mark despite just one season of stardom?
Chicago White Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays - May 27, 2006
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C John Buck

For catcher John Buck, he gets the noteworthy distinction on this list as being the only player to have his best season of his career in his only single season in Jays’ uniform. That is certainly quite the accomplishment since usually players need some time to acclimatize to their new environment and ballclub. But in the case for Buck, he took off running the moment he joined the Jays on a one-year, $2M deal during the 2009-2010 offseason as a free agent.

For someone that possessed a lifetime batting average of .234, Buck posted career numbers across the board in just 118 games of action overall. In 2010, he batted a strong .281 with an .802 OPS, 114 OPS+, 53 runs scored, 25 doubles, 20 home runs, 66 RBI and 200 total bases. In doing so, Buck earned his only All-Star appearance of his career, as he joined his star teammates Bautista and Wells at the festivities.

His impressive 2010 performance earned him a three-year, $18M contract with the Marlins during the offseason as the Jays resorted to their own prospect J.P. Arencibia to fill their catching role for 2011. But Buck was never able to repeat the production he put up in his sole season with the Jays, making his $2M deal perhaps one of best value deals in the history of the ballclub. Despite being just for a single year, it sure paid huge dividends in the end.