7 biggest one-hit wonders in Toronto Blue Jays history

Which former Blue Jays made a lasting mark despite just one season of stardom?

Chicago White Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays - May 27, 2006
Chicago White Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays - May 27, 2006 / Jay Gula/GettyImages
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Over the years, the Toronto Blue Jays have had many notable star players that made their mark with the ballclub. In doing so, not only did they play a huge role in contributing to the team’s success, they also ended up having a prosperous career of their own as well. In terms of prime examples, big name players such as the late Roy Halladay, José Bautista, Vernon Wells, Carlos Delgado, Joe Carter, Tom Henke, Dave Stieb and George Bell to name a few automatically come to mind in such instances.

At the same time, there has also been some renowned yet forgettable one-hit wonders that have played for the ballclub in recent memory in the past. For these distinguished players, they managed to put together their best ever season in the majors while donning the Jays’ jersey. As a result of their accomplishments, many of them were looking forward to have their careers take off towards stardom in the process.

However, they eventually found out in a harsh way that it would be the one and only season in which they had such unexpected success. Moreover, they were never able to recapture the same glory in any of their subsequent playing years in the end.

Looking back into some Jays’ history, we will take a little stroll down memory’s lane to look at seven of these one-hit wonders that once dressed up in the blue and white. For the candidates to make this distinct list, the player in question needed to have their one big breakout year take place while in a Jays’ uniform while never coming close to replicating it with the same team, as well as with any other teams elsewhere in the league. In addition, we did our best to have representatives from the various positions in the field.