6 surprising players that could be traded if the Blue Jays are out of it at the deadline

Kevin Kiermaier, Matt Chapman
Kevin Kiermaier, Matt Chapman / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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OF Kevin Kiermaier

Already a fan favourite since his arrival in Toronto this year, Kevin Kiermaier has done everything that one could ask for. Signing only a one-year, $9 million contract with the Jays for the 2023 season, Kiermaier has definitely delivered beyond expectations that one could imagine. Hitting from the nine hole in the lineup, he has posted strong offensive numbers across the board for someone who had been mainly known for his defensive prowess. For the season, he is hitting .296, with an .839 OPS, to go along with 26 runs scored, four home runs, 16 RBI and five stolen bases. Not only that, he has committed only one error all season, to go along with 10 DRS already. Talk about getting it done on both sides of the field.

Kiermaier would definitely be a hot commodity at the trade deadline if he does become available from the Jays. His stellar defence, along with his surprising offensive outburst this year, added to his many years of experience in the big leagues makes him an ideal candidate for any contending team that wants to strengthen their outfield defence for the stretch run, along with getting some solid production at the plate. For teams that are stacked, Kiermaier would be the ideal fourth outfielder to cover for any of the starters, along with providing that extra speed and pinch hitting late in the game to help make a difference for the team. The Jays would probably want to hold onto Kiermaier at all costs, hopefully for the rest of the year and beyond. But if they believe his strong play has priced himself out of town by the end of the year, then anything could be on the table.