6 reasons fans should watch the Blue Jays closely in 2024

The Jays will be worth keeping tabs on this coming season

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John Schneider under the microscope 

One can never predict the outcome of a game whenever you have John Schneider around. He may have an unorthodox style of managing a game and making decisions, whether it be taking out pitchers when you least expect it, making hitting or fielding substitutions at the weirdest of times, or calling for off-the-wall plays that ended up working or blowing up in the end. In any way, he certainly keeps the game interesting for both the viewers and the Jays overall. However, his daring moves and calls has yet to pay off just yet with two early playoff exits in the past two seasons, making many wonder if he is still suitable for the job.

With the new year ahead, Schneider will once again have a fresh start to see if he can finally get the team to the next level. However, he may be more under the microscope than ever before this time around as it could be his last chance to make the Jays a winner. Will Schneider be the right person to finally lead the team to success, or will he finally strikeout with three misses in three years? Stay tuned to find out.