6 reasons fans should watch the Blue Jays closely in 2024

The Jays will be worth keeping tabs on this coming season

Toronto Blue Jays
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Rising prospective stars to get their chance 

Prior to 2020, the Jays had a wave of young talent that included the likes of Bichette, Guerrero, Cavan Biggio, Danny Jansen, Jordan Romano and many others that ultimately swarmed in and filled their roster. In recent years however, the Jays haven’t had a similar influx of prospects as they addressed the bulk of their needs with external solutions. As a result, it has been a while since they have had someone from within the system come up and step into a big league role and provide an immediate impact. There was one last year with Davis Schneider and his two month outburst at the end of the season; otherwise, it had been far and few in between.

However, 2024 may be a completely different story. Despite making multiple moves this offseason, the Jays still have many roles up for grabs this spring, and ultimately this coming season. Other than the signing of Turner, most of the other additions are actually competing for a position and playing time heading into this year. As a result, if any of them were to falter, there is a high possibility that during the course of this season, we will see some influx of young talent into the roster. These candidates could range from starting pitching with Ricky Tiedemann, to infielders Addison Barger and Orelvis Martinez, along with perhaps even Alan Roden in the outfield and Hagen Danner in the bullpen. But hopefully when we do see their arrival, it is not because of the fact that the Jays are out of the playoff picture, but rather more to help make the team even better.

Canadian infusion into the lineup

With the recent signing of Votto to a minor league contract, the Jays could potentially field a roster in 2024 that contains some prominent Canadian content. Together with Guerrero, Romano and Pop, there may be up to four players suiting up for the Jays as our hometown heroes this season. What better way to watch the Jays this year than to root for success for some of our very own in the process.