6 former Blue Jays fan favourites still without a job heading toward spring training

Which popular former Jays have yet to secure a contract heading into the 2024 MLB season?

San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays
San Francisco Giants v Toronto Blue Jays / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages
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When it comes to fan favourites for any sports team, whether it was the way they played the game, or how their attitude and personality stood out while they were with the team, they often left a lasting impression in the minds of the fans. In doing so, very often they continued to receive the current fans’ support and well wishes even after their departure from the current team to catch on with other teams in the league to continue their careers.

In the case of the Toronto Blue Jays, they have certainly had their fair share of fan favourites in recent memory over the past decade. Even though some may have moved on from the ballclub, whether it be in recent times or for over many years, they will always receive the loudest cheers and graceful applause whenever they come back to town for a visit. Being able to witness their play and excellence once again in front of their own eyes ultimately brings back great memories for the Jays’ faithful to relive and relish.

However, with spring training approaching just around the corner in about a month’s time, it is kind of disheartening to learn that there are actually a fair number of former Blue Jays that were once fan favourites that have yet to secure a job heading into the 2024 season. Here, we take a look at six of these players along with the potential reason why they have not found a home just yet, where applicable.