6 difficult roster decisions the Toronto Blue Jays must address ASAP

Kevin Kiermaier and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Kevin Kiermaier and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages
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For the season, the Toronto Blue Jays have definitely been on a roller coaster ride, having many ups and downs along the way. There were certain times they appeared to be headed towards a breakout run, then at the same time there were times they seemed done for the season. Nevertheless, somehow and some way, the Jays are still currently positioned within reach of playoff contention as we approach halfway through the 2023 season.

As it currently stands, the Jays are sitting fourth, 10 games out of first place in the AL East with a 41-35 record. With respect to the wild card positions, they are right in the thick of things, trailing both the Houston Astros and New York Yankees by half a game for the second and third wild card spots, with the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox in hot pursuit as well, currently tied with and two games behind the Jays respectively. Looking ahead, the Jays will be encountering a favourable part of their schedule, facing the bottom-feeding Oakland Athletics, as well as their last place AL East rivals in the Red Sox, in addition to sub .500 teams in the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers for four of the next five series, so how well the Jays do will help determine ultimately their fate heading into the stretch run.

With that in mind, the Jays should aim to be at their absolute best to take advantage of it and field their best possible lineup against such opponents to ensure optimal chance of securing victories. As a result, both the Jays’ management and coaching staff have some crucial, yet essential, roster decisions in which they must make before the end of the month that could dictate their potential for success. Here, we take a look at 6 important roster moves that could determine the Jays’ fate for the rest of 2023.