5 sluggers that might pique the Blue Jays' interest in this year's MLB Draft

Tommy White
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James Tibbs III (Florida State)
21 y.o / LHH / OF

Tibbs has absolutely crushed ACC competition this spring and as a result he has went from an analytics darling Day 2 pick to being a no doubt first-rounder on the trajectory of going before the Jays pick at No. 20.

The name of the game with Tibbs is power and swing decisions. He hits the ball hard and he hits the ball in the air a lot, a potent combination for slugging. Tibbs makes the most of his opportunities on pitches in the zone and lays off the bad pitches to maintain a healthy walk rate. There's a bit more swing and miss in his game than White but he has kept his strikeouts to an absolute minimum this year despite any past concerns with that.

Tibbs played a lot of first base last year but he has taken on right field this year and evaluators are convinced he could be a long term fit at the position. Though not a premium position by any means, a left-handed hitting right fielder with well above average hitting can definitely be a marquee player on a team. Sometimes scouts take the player that they have the most conviction in being a big league hitter and it wouldn't be a surprise if that's Tibbs at 20. Though, the way he's hitting, the Blue Jays might be lucky to get a shot at him at all.