5 recently non-tendered players the Blue Jays need to sign ASAP

With the Toronto Blue Jays looking for ways to improve their roster, here are five recently non-tendered players who could offer some help.

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2) Nick Senzel

If we're talking pure talent, then Nick Senzel is right up there. He is a superior athlete and talent, who has the intangible of versatility.

So what's the problem for a player who still has an intriguing upside? Well, Senzel has just never been able to fulfil the expectations of being a second overall draft pick, not helped by different injury issues. (A common theme in this list.)

You can make an argument that this past season was the best yet of the Atlanta, Georgia native's five years in the Majors. However, as much as he had single season bests of 13 home runs and 42 RBI, this, combined with his .236/.297/.399 slash line and .696 OPS, still indicate a player who's capable of so much more.

It should be noted that Senzel does enjoy particular success against lefties, as per his career .287/.334/.460 slash line. This was particularly the case this past season with his best year yet versus southpaws, as evidenced by a .347/.389/.619 slash line, along with a 1.008 OPS.

As mentioned, the 28-year-old's athleticism (and excellent throwing arm) allows him to offer versatility on defence. In 2023, he saw playing time at all three outfield spots as well as second and third base.

In terms of the financial side of things, Senzel had a deal worth $1.95 million during this past season. He would have received around $3 million if the Reds had tendered him, which is well within the Blue Jays' range if interested.

Of course there is the question of why the Reds would not want to keep the right-handed bat around, given his superior upside. However, the team has a lot of young talent coming through the ranks, plus sometimes it just gets to a point where a player needs to start over.

Admittedly there does often come a critical juncture where a lot of professional players with an excellent ceiling, turn into someone who will never fulfil potential (for whatever reason). However, we're not quite at this point yet with Senzel, and the Blue Jays really should give him some serious consideration.