5 recently non-tendered players the Blue Jays need to sign ASAP

With the Toronto Blue Jays looking for ways to improve their roster, here are five recently non-tendered players who could offer some help.

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3) Austin Meadows

Austin Meadows is arguably the most intriguing, but also the biggest gamble of the five players on our list. He's extremely talented, but also comes with a significant risk attached to him.

More specifically, Meadows has been dealing with crippling anxiety issues. As a result of this, he has been limited to 42 combined games during his two seasons in Detroit.

The Tigers did everything they could to support the 28-year-old, with him stepping away from the organisation to seek help with his mental health. However, it was still understandably why they made the decision not to offer him a contract prior to the non-tender deadline.

In fairness to Meadows, he's had a lot to deal with in recent seasons. Aside from his anxiety issues, he's also tested positive for COVID-19, dealt with tendinitis in his Achillies and even a bout of vertigo.

Admittedly, we appreciate we're not doing much to sell the Atlanta, Georgia native so far, but there is plenty to like about him. Despite all his setbacks, his talent and athleticism still offer an excellent upside in the right situation.

This is still the same player who the Pirates saw enough in, to draft ninth overall in 2013. Similarly, this is still the same player who put it all together in 2019 with the Rays to earn his first All-Star selection, as well as MVP consideration.

During that 2019 campaign, Meadows produced a tremendous .291/.364/.558 slash line and .922 OPS, which were all career highs. And just in case you thought this type of offensive form was a one-off, he was also excellent for the Rays in 2021, with 27 home runs to go along with single-season highs of 106 RBI and 59 walks.

Defensively, Meadows can use his athleticism and fine throwing arm to play all three outfield positions but he's best suited for a corner spot. Overall, while there's plenty of uncertainty surrounding him, he's someone the Blue Jays should reach out to for discussions.