5 recently non-tendered players the Blue Jays need to sign ASAP

With the Toronto Blue Jays looking for ways to improve their roster, here are five recently non-tendered players who could offer some help.

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Nov. 17 was an important date for Major League teams, as it was the deadline to decide whether to tender contracts to salary arbitration-eligible players. For the Blue Jays specifically, the only player who was non-tendered was Adam Cimber.

The Blue Jays have plenty to do, in order to improve the team and become what could be considered a legitimate contender for the World Series. Even allowing for make the playoffs in three of the past four seasons, they haven't had what it takes when it matters most.

As much as it might not be the best way to strengthen the roster, looking at players on the non-tendered list is still a viable option. Here is our countdown of five players the Blue Jays should seriously consider signing:

5) Juan Yepez

We begin with Juan Yepez, who is a different proposition to the other players on our list. That's because he's not yet arbitration eligible, while still also having a minor league option available.

Originally the most expensive signing of the Braves' 2014 international free agent class, Yepez was traded to the Cardinals three years later. From there, he worked his way up through the ranks and made his Major League debut in 2022.

The 25-year-old would go on to make an immediate impression for the Cardinals, as he swiftly adapted to the demands of the Majors. Most impressive of all in his 76 games, were a .742 OPS and 109 OPS+.

Unfortunately for everyone concerned, Yepez took a significant step back in 2023. He struggled at the plate with his bat and was limited to 28 games, contributing to the Cardinals' decision to non-tender him.

The Venezuela native still projects well offensively with his power hitting, no matter what issues he had this past season. He is still someone to work with in the minors, to help him ultimately fulfil the promise he showed in the Majors during 2022.

Admittedly, Yepez has certain defensive limitations which might see him better-suited as a DH in the long term. However, he's an enticing option for the Blue Jays to consider.