5 former Blue Jays we would love to see return in free agency

Which former Blue Jays could help the 2024 team if they end up signing with the ballclub this free agency?
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Gio Urshela

With Matt Chapman currently a free agent, there's a huge void at the hot corner for the Jays entering the 2024 season. With regards to potential options available, they could go with someone internal such as Santiago Espinal, or even dip into uncharted territory with prospects Addison Barger and Orelvis Martinez. But if the Jays want to play it safe and go with a proven commodity, they could give Gio Urshela a shot at the vacated spot at third base.

For those that recall, Urshela briefly played for the Jays in 2018 before he was traded to the New York Yankees. After joining the division rival Yankees, Urshela was able to find his untapped offensive stride and has been a solid offensive contributor ever since. In 2023, he had a solid campaign going with the Los Angeles Angels in which he had been hitting close to .300 when he suffered a season-ending fractured pelvis injury in June.

Urshela may not come close to Chapman-type numbers, but a solid contact hitter with a batting average close to .290 with 15-20 home runs and 60-80 RBI each year is reasonable to expect from him. In addition, he won’t be providing Gold Glove-level defence, but his 6 DRS in just 28 games started at third base with the Angels this season shows he can also hold his own. At the age of 32, Urshela should have some strong years remaining in him, so the Jays should consider bringing him back to see what he can do for them the second time around.