5 early Blue Jays 2024 draft targets

Toronto Blue Jays
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Dakota Jordan (Mississippi State)
20 y.o / RHH / OF

If you like rooting for freak athletes, Jordan is your guy. He might have the fastest bat speed in the country, it's a thunderous swing that explodes through the zone. There's little doubt that he has elite raw power in the tank but there are some questions on if he'll elevate the ball enough to get to it consistently in games.

After hitting 10 home runs in 184 PA in 2023, he's looking to build on that this year as he's already hit four in 57 plate appearances. Jordan also has above average plate discipline. He chased at a good 22.1% clip in 2023 and he is walking at a ~19% clip early on this year. The main question that stands in the way of his hitting profile is the swing and miss in his game.

Jordan has the bat-speed, athleticism, and coordination to keep improving against fastballs but there's significant whiff issues against soft stuff. You can live with Jordan needing some time at the plate because he's going to help you on defense. He has played all three outfield positions in college but runs well enough for center field. Even if he slides over to a corner spot, he'll likely be above average there and he's going to hit for the power you look for at that position. You don't expect to get a perfect player at No. 20 and Jordan does have his warts, but he presents monster upside with his power, approach, and defense.