5 bold Blue Jays predictions for the MLB trade deadline

What does the future hold for the Toronto Blue Jays as they head towards the trade deadline?
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With their recent winning ways, the Toronto Blue Jays have put themselves in a firm position to contend for the playoffs heading towards the final two months of the season. In doing so, many believe that the Jays will be quite active at the trade deadline, looking to make some upgrades for the team. However, there have been a few that believe with their recent solid stretch of decent offence, mixed with some good defence and pitching, they may not need as much changes as expected since they may just be a minor tweak or two away from the ideal roster.

Nevertheless, any team that wants to be in serious contention for a playoff spot is bound to make a move or two, partly to really bolster the roster, and partly it serves as a motivation to the team, showing that management is indeed committed into making the team competitive down the stretch.

Here, we take a look at five bold predictions on what the Jays will do for the MLB trade deadline.

1. The Blue Jays will acquire elite closer Josh Hader from the San Diego Padres

Josh Hader has been one of the, if not the best, closers in all of baseball for the past five years, if disregarding last year’s outlier performance. With a career ERA of 2.55, WHIP of 0.93, ERA+ of 166, giving up only 104 earned runs with a staggering 615 strikeouts in just 367.1 innings pitched, he is definitely the exact definition of what a premium shutdown closer should be. Whoever can acquire his services for the stretch run will instantly morph the team into strong contention status.

That lucky team this year will be the Blue Jays. Adding Hader to their already solid bullpen makes them one of the best in the business. With the three-headed monster of Swanson, Romano, and Hader, games will practically be decided by the sixth inning if the Jays were ahead by then. He will definitely cost a lot, but the Jays are going for it this year and believe that he is truly worth the gamble.