5 Blue Jays the fans are already losing patience with

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays
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With the recent losing skid by the Toronto Blue Jays, added to some demoralizing losses along the way, the patience of the Jays’ fanbase had been growing thin in recent weeks. Everything that seemed to be clicking for the team earlier in the season was no longer evident, with every little play, performance, or decision made being scrutinized to the microscopic level as frustration begins to mount.

No doubt the Jays will eventually get over the hump and put this cold stretch behind them. However, the fans may have already lost most, if not all, of their patience with the following three Blue Jays, and they would desperately need to put their act together soon to regain their trust and support.

Cavan Biggio

The trajectory of Cavan Biggio has headed towards a downward spiral since his debut and breakout years back in 2019 and 2020. Since then, his numbers have fallen rapidly over the next three years, as he no longer possessed the exceptional ability to get on base, which was his forte during his first two years with the team. Even worse, his contact rate has regressed greatly, leading to a strikeout rate that has increased multifold and a batting average that has dipped to career lows. For the 2023 season, Biggio is hitting a miserable .127, with a .429 OPS, an OPS+ of only 18, with only two home runs, four RBI, and 26 strikeouts in 63 at-bats.

Basically, he has become almost an automatic out each time he came to the plate, with only his respectable defense remaining as his positive contribution to the team, with no errors in over 145 innings of play. Even the Jays have been starting to take note, as recently he has been relegated mainly to the bench, with some pinch running/defensive replacement duties in the past few games. Most of the other players on the team that were struggling to start the season have, in one way or another, found a way eventually to get out of their slump to provide some production and contribution to the team, but Biggio has yet to do so. So here we are, and he is currently falling more and more out of favour, and with Santiago Espinal on the shelf with his hamstring injury; this may be Biggio’s last opportunity to produce and regain the trust of both the ballclub and the fans.