4 positions the Blue Jays need to invest in during free agency

With free agency rapidly approaching in a couple months, which positions do the Blue Jays need to address and spend on to keep the team competitive for 2024?
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On the bubble

There are actually two more positions that the Jays need to think over carefully going forward: the second and third base positions on the team. The main reason is because for the upcoming free agent class, the availability of quality players for both positions is severely limited. So even if the Jays wanted to splurge in free agency to upgrade those positions, the supply isn’t even there to choose from. As a result, they essentially have only two viable options: either resort to an internal solution, or spend big on re-signing one of the current team members.

With the recent fine play of both Biggio and Santiago Espinal, along with the emergence of Davis Schneider in recent weeks, perhaps starting the 2024 season with a rotational system between the three for the two infield spots could essentially work out. Either that or they could also try out unknown commodities in both top prospects Orelvis Martinez and Addison Barger, as they appear hungry and MLB-ready as they await their chance.

But if those internal options don’t instil any confidence in Jays’ management, they may be forced at their hand to do the best they can to retain both Merrifield and Chapman with expensive deals. In doing so, it can potentially work out or blow up in their faces depending on the outcome, as both are already on the wrong side of 30 in their careers. Therefore, it is more likely that they will lean towards the former option rather than the latter, leaving enough resources for them to address the other four important positional needs mentioned above.

Nevertheless, for the Jays to maintain success and field a strong and competitive team right now and the near future, it is a dire must that they invest, but spend wisely in the upcoming free agency. By doing so, it can keep the Jays’ contention window open a lot longer, and hopefully giving them the best chance possible to capture the World Series championship once again for the first time in over three decades.