4 perfect trade partners that could help transform the Blue Jays

Toronto could go from pretenders to legitimate contenders with the help of these four teams via trade

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Cleveland Guardians

It's hard to gauge a team like the Guardians. On one hand, their pitching can dominate and they can have enough offense to win the Central. On the other, their season can turn out just like last year and be a disappointment.

Regardless of how Cleveland plans on navigating their future, there are definitely pieces available that are intriguing for the Blue Jays. The first obvious one is Jose Ramirez. He's a bonafide top-3 third baseman in baseball on an incredible contract; and with no guarantee of a Matt Chapman return, he would serve as an upgrade, let alone a replacement.

The Guardians are rich on pitching, which could be something Toronto looks at whether it's part of a Ramirez deal or its own deal. Especially looking at the bullpen, whether it's going big for Emmanuel Clase, or striking an under-the-radar deal for Eli Morgan, who is under club control for at least 3 more years.

A move for Clase would likely cost a pair of top 10 prospects given his 5 years of club control, which would be worth it if it's players on the higher end of that top 10.

If it's a move that captures Ramirez and one of the relievers, it'll certainly take Tiedemann and then some, like even a package that matches the hypothetical one for Robert Jr. In that case, pull the trigger.