4 more Blue Jays players whose jobs are in jeopardy after Cavan Biggio DFA

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Daniel Vogelbach

Daniel Vogelbach is another option-less position player that may not be around for much longer. The sweet-swinging lefty has been a well below-average hitter this year, but giving credit where it's due: he has hit .286 over his last 14 games, which is nice to see.

The fact remains, though, that Vogelbach is a below-average hitter that offers the Blue Jays next to nothing right now. He's capable of hitting baseballs to the next city over, but that's only when he makes contact, which only happens when he swings the bat. Much like Biggio, there's plenty of times where it seems like Vogelbach is only up to bat to draw a walk.

Through just 28 games and 71 plate appearances this year, "Vogey" has one home run with eight RBI and a .203 batting average. His .328 SLG and .610 OPS are the lowest he's had in seven years and his lack of defensive flexibility drags his value down significantly. In fact, he has yet to play a single inning in the field this year. Granted, he's not a good defender at first base, but the fact that he's only on this roster to DH or occasionally pinch-hit tells me that there are better uses for this roster spot.

Barger would come up to replace Clement on the big league roster, so somebody like Lukes, also on the 40-man roster, would make sense to replace Vogelbach. Either way, someone has to be the proverbial "last man on the roster" and suffer 26th-man syndrome, but the spot should be used on somebody who can provide value in more ways than one, which Vogelbach can't right now.