4 Blue Jays spring training overreactions after first week of action

It's that time of year when we come up with our most insane takes

Toronto Blue Jays Workout
Toronto Blue Jays Workout / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Alek Manoah looks like a disappointment again

Is it possible that one could go from best shape in our life to cooked in the span of two weeks?

Already battling an early spring injury, Manoah is going to test Jays’ fan patience and this would be the most imprudent way of doing so. Pitching against a semi-normal Tigers lineup, he recorded five outs and yielded four earned runs. In the first inning, he loaded the bases on a single and two hit by pitches. A double play briefly extinguished the mess, but Colt Keith then doubled and knocked in two runs to tie the game. In the next inning, Manoah was back to the hit by pitch routine and issued another free pass before Spencer Torkelson sent him to the showers to cap off another discouraging outing.

To his credit, Manoah is wearing all of this underperformance on his shoulders. Someone who set the expectations so high early in his career is not shying away from accountability while also trying to remain positive. He spoke to members of Blue Jays media after the game saying, “You definitely want to have starts where everything doesn’t feel the best now, instead of when it matters. Some of that inexpensive experience."

Manoah still doesn't have to be an ace for the team to succeed in 2024, especially with Berrios and Kikuchi looking good early in camp. The velocity is still present even if the command on his most important pitches needs to get better. More will be needed over the course of the month to prove his struggles are in the rear-view mirror.