4 Blue Jays players who have no business being on the 2023 playoff roster

The decision could be tough and harsh, but which Blue Jays players should be left off the postseason roster?

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
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Cam Eden

One intriguing candidate that could create a dilemma for the Jays is their recent promotion of rookie Cam Eden. After all, he had set the Buffalo Bisons modern day stolen base record with 53 this season in 57 attempts. His speed on the basepaths is unmatched by any of what the Jays currently have on their big league roster. Added to the fact that Eden is also strong defensively, it makes him an ideal late-game pinch runner or defensive replacement in tight playoff games.

At the same time, the Jays have only seen him in limited action since being called up. How Eden can perform on the biggest stage during the playoffs has yet to be seen. But even as of now, he has only appeared in three MLB games in total for the Jays, with each appearance in the game as a pinch runner. When you have that kind of uncertainty in terms of what value the player can provide in a higher intensity and stressful playoff game, it is certainly a big gamble to take.

The high-risk, high reward potential is there, as the difference in scoring that extra run or preventing one in the playoffs could be the difference between winning and losing. However, despite the elite speed and defensive potential being there, it is most likely that the Jays resort to a more concrete, safer option heading into the playoffs. After all, for every Dalton Pompey (swiping bases with ease in helping the Jays in their 2015 postseason run), there always could be a Kolten Wong (costing the St. Louis Cardinals a World Series game by being picked off at the end of the game for being overaggressive). Eden will definitely be a potent speed weapon going forward, but he will probably have to wait just a little longer for his chance to shine.