4 Blue Jays players who have no business being on the 2023 playoff roster

The decision could be tough and harsh, but which Blue Jays players should be left off the postseason roster?

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The Toronto Blue Jays have had their ups and downs throughout the 2023 season, whether it was their pitching, defence, or hitting. However, the boys in blue fought through all the tough times together and played their heart out as a tight-knit group, win or lose, despite all the pressure and criticism along the way. Well, all of their hard work and determination has finally paid off as with the Seattle Mariners’ loss to the Texas Rangers on Saturday night, the Blue Jays have finally clinched a postseason berth for the second consecutive season. Their focus will now turn towards getting everyone healthy and ready as they prepare to hit the road for the Wild Card playoff series in the coming week, whether it will be the Tampa Bay Rays or the Minnesota Twins.

Every Blue Jays player in one way or another had made valuable contributions to the ballclub in helping them to their success this year, and ultimately achieving their goal in making the playoffs once again. However, with the roster size being shrunk back down to 26 heading into the playoff rounds, there will be a fair number of Blue Jays that will unfortunately be left off the postseason roster despite their important contributions during the 2023 season.

Here, we take a look at four Blue Jays players, like it or not, that probably has no business being on the 2023 playoff roster when the team finalizes the names for Tuesday. There is still an outside chance that one could still see action due to injuries or by their sudden inclusion into the lineup in a future round if the team makes it there. But in the case for these four players, even if such a situation does arise, it’s highly likely that someone else higher up in the pecking order will be selected first.