4 Blue Jays players on the trade block after the Isiah Kiner-Falefa signing

With the Blue Jays' free agent signing of utility-man Isiah Kiner-Falefa, there's a surplus of big-league ready talent in Toronto's infield that leaves room for potential moves.

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Ernie Clement

Ernie Clement played a more subtle role in the success of the 2023 Toronto Blue Jays, as he showed a lot of talent from a minor-league call-up. Clement batted .380/.385/.885 in an abridged 52 plate appearances at the big league level in 2023, which provided plenty of support in the bottom third of the lineup when he got the odd start. While his 2023 rate state are unsustainable given the relatively small sample size, Clement has proven that he's not just a solid glove at shortstop but a force with the bat as well.

In Bo Bichette's absence due to injury, Clement stepped up and provided Toronto with plenty of playing time at a strong level that kept them in the playoff hunt down the stretch, and that shouldn't go unmentioned. While Clement is a bench player first and foremost on this team, his ability to step up for this team when they needed him undoubtedly leaves a good taste in Blue Jays fans' mouths. If the Jays are to move Clement, he would likely be part of a larger package for a star player, and he would certainly find more success with continued playing time.

It goes without saying, however, that Clement is part of the "Buffalo Boys" with teammates Schneider and Spencer Horwitz as they played exceptionally well through Triple-A Buffalo together and earned similar callups midway through the 2023 season. Needless to say, Clement would be missed by this fanbase more than one might expect but his 2023 breakout season leaves plenty of value on the table if he is to be moved this offseason.