4 Blue Jays most likely to be traded if the club sells at the deadline

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
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Bo Bichette

This could very well be one of the biggest trades to happen at the trade deadline. Shortstop Bo Bichette is a free agent after 2025, but could end up being moved earlier to get more of a return. Bichette's early struggles have been put on full display this year as he's hitting .227/.287/.320 and just 2 home runs in 164 plate appearances. Bichette has a 0.93 ISO, which is significant regression from his career mark. Bichette has a career 123 wRC+ and was a consistent 4.5-5.0 fWAR player for the past 3 seasons.

There had been rumours of Bichette being traded in the offseason, but now it could make a lot more sense to entertain the concept. If he manages to recuperate some of his value, he would become one of the most valuable players that could be moved by the Jays. At just 26 years old, there is still a lot of interest around the league to acquire Bichette, however it's only likely to happen in the event that the Jays front office decides to fully re-tool the entire major league roster. 

The Jays will have a lot of interesting decisions to make this July about direction to move this team to, and it's mostly dependent on where they stand in the league in the next few months. Atkins will have to decide if this is the team worth committing more assets to, or cutting bait while he can to extend their competitive window for later years.