3 ways the Blue Jays can shake things up, 2 moves they need to avoid

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Two moves the Jays should NOT make to shake things up right now

1. Fire the manager/hitting coaches

This is not a defense of John Schneider and his staff; it is simply a recognition of the chains that bind them.

When Schneider took over from Charlie Montoyo in July of 2022, the hope was that he would be able to take the analytics framework provided by the front office and apply it through a filter of baseball acumen and awareness of what was happening on the field. Unfortunately, this has not happened, leaving Schneider and his staff as pencil pushing middle management, reading instructions off a piece of paper sent down from the offices upstairs.

As frustrating as some of Schneider’s decisions have been over the past few years, and as feebly as the offense has performed under Don Mattingly and Guillermo Martinez, replacing the coaches is not going to do anything if their replacements are bound by the same analytics yoke.

And quite frankly, this front office has already played its ‘fire the manager’ card. In fact, they are now on their third manager in the last seven years. Surely this is not the type of franchise the Toronto Blue Jays want to become, all unoriginality and obfuscation, stringing up the manager every year or two while the front office reclines comfortably into the muck they’ve created.

Sure, it may be that John Schneider and his hitting coaches should be fired. But this should be a decision made by a new front office.