3 ways the Blue Jays can shake things up, 2 moves they need to avoid

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3. Make a Trade

What better way to shake up a lethargic team than to bring a fresh face into the clubhouse? This is particularly true for a team with a hole as obvious as the Toronto Blue Jays – someone who can hit the ball please, a bat, any bat!

Of course, many will assert that it is not the ideal time of year for a major trade, so early in the season that most teams still harbor a belief they can be in the mix, while others seek to sit on their trade pieces and drive the price up as the trade deadline nears.

Broadly, this is probably true. And yet, note that the San Diego Padres just made a move to bring in two-time reigning batting champion Luis Arráez from the moribund Marlins, adding his gargantuan average to the top of a lineup already flush with would-be stars.

No, it is not impossible to swing a deal for a Silver Slugger-caliber hitter this early in the season. Some teams resign themselves early to the writing on the wall and are prepared to cash in on anything they have of value should the right offer float their way.

Speaking of which, sitting at an astonishing 6-26, the Chicago White Sox seem poised to challenge for the worst season of all time. Having already traded their 28-year-old ace Dylan Cease, might they be just about ready to move the soon-to-be 27-year-old middle-of-the-order colossus Luis Robert Jr.?

What about the Rays, who seem to potentially be facing a rare year of mediocrity. Might they be preparing to explore offers for Isaac Paredes, who at 25-years-old is coming off a 31-homer season, but is starting to see his salary creep up to a level which may be a little rich for the Rays?

And we don’t even need to bring up the Cardinals, who many believe to be in the midst of a step back which will see them move near-perennial MVP candidates Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado.

The point is, if these types of players were to be officially put on the trading block in the coming months, they would surely generate interest from nearly every team in the league. Why wouldn’t the Jays try to jump the line and get their name in the mix early. If it’s on the table, then one can only hope the team’s offensive struggles will provide the impetus required to take a big swing (yes, pun intended).