3 truths about the 2023 Blue Jays that may have fans fuming

What three things about this year's Blue Jays that fans probably don't want to hear?
Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies
Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Over the course of the 2023 MLB season, the Toronto Blue Jays have had their moments of glory, along with their unforgettable moments of obscurity. Sometimes they would do the improbable and mash their way to victory; other times they would do the unthinkable and end up blowing a game they surely should have won.

Through it all, the Jays’ faithful were certainly there with them along the way, celebrating with exuberant joy and laughter when things were going well, and venting in frustration and anger when things began to go awry. Nevertheless, the overall exciting yet inconsistent play of this year’s version of the Toronto Blue Jays definitely brought out many of our feelings and emotions, whether positive or negative.

But among everything that has happened during the current MLB season, there are three truths about the 2023 Blue Jays that the fans probably don’t want to hear about. After all, it could leave the Jays' fanbase fuming on why it happened and why it wasn’t rectified as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, being able to bring it up here once again could be beneficial to the ballclub in the long run. That way, their problems can hopefully be adequately addressed during the upcoming offseason so that we can see a much stronger and better version of the team for 2024.

So what are the three truths about the 2023 Blue Jays the fans don’t want to hear?