3 players the Blue Jays wish they signed last offseason, 1 they are glad they didn't

Who did the Blue Jays miss out on signing this past offseason that could have really helped them this season, and who did they fortunately avoided signing that would have set them back even further?
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies, Craig Kimbrel
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies, Craig Kimbrel / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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David Robertson, New York Mets

Another offseason gem the Jays unfortunately missed out on was another stellar reliever with ample MLB experience in David Robertson. Believe or not, it is the same Robertson that the Jays were interested in last year at the trade deadline, but in the end it never materialized. Surprisingly, they didn’t try harder during the offseason to attempt to get Robertson again, perhaps seeing that he was approaching the age of 38 and wondered how much he really had left in the tank.

Well, his performance in 2023 certainly has shown he has more than plenty in the tank left. Despite pitching for a disappointing New York Mets team so far this season, Robertson has put together an outstanding year, going 2-2 with a 2.06 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, notching 13 saves and striking out 46 in over 39.1 innings pitched. This was following a successful postseason run with the Phillies in 2022, in which he played a key role in helping the Phillies reach the World Series for the first time since 2009. So for whatever reason, he seemed to have gotten even better with age.

The Jays definitely missed out big time on Robertson, especially when the Mets only signed him to a one-year, $10 million contract, again similar to Kimbrel, very palatable for the Jays to digest in their budget. On the good side, with the Mets most likely not making the postseason this year, the Jays will have one more shot to get him, and they should do so this time before the trade deadline passes.