3 players the Blue Jays wish they signed last offseason, 1 they are glad they didn't

Who did the Blue Jays miss out on signing this past offseason that could have really helped them this season, and who did they fortunately avoided signing that would have set them back even further?
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During the past 2022-23 offseason, the Toronto Blue Jays made some noise in the free agent market by signing three key players that are currently playing a significant role in their everyday lineup. These key signings included: starting pitcher Chris Bassitt, who has helped stabilize the Jays’ starting rotation after the departure of Ross Stripling; outfielder Kevin Kiermaier, who has helped anchor the much-improved team defence along with providing some surprising offensive output; and designated hitter/first baseman Brandon Belt, who has provided the ballclub with a breadth of veteran experience along with being the strong lefty bat that they had sorely lacked from previous years.

So as much as Jays' GM Ross Atkins has taken harsh criticism in his job in the front office, one should admit that he certainly did well with those signings, as none of them turned out to be a bad move. Nevertheless, one can still be greedy and ponder about potential free agents that the Jays missed out on that could have helped them this season, along with those we are breathing a sigh of relief that luckily the Jays did not take a chance on.

Here, we take a look at three impact players the Jays wished they could have signed this past offseason, along with one disappointing player that they are certainly glad they did not offer a ludicrous contract to. For those that the Jays missed out on, with the trade deadline quickly approaching, it’s never too late to take a second shot at them if they believe the player could be a huge difference maker for the ballclub down the stretch.