3 players the Blue Jays should remain patient with, 2 they shouldn’t 

Which Jays will likely turn things around soon and which ones will continue with their ongoing struggles?
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
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For the Toronto Blue Jays, the 2024 campaign generally hasn’t been kind to their players so far, as many of them have gotten off to rough starts to begin the year. As a result, not only has it had a sizeable effect on both their overall offense and bullpen pitching, but it has also led to their current 16-19 disappointing record on the season. This run of bad luck can’t possibly continue for the rest of the season, although if it improbably did, the Blue Jays might as well wave the white flag.

As a result, which players will be able to turn things around soon enough, whereas which ones will likely to continue with their struggles? Here, we will take a look at 3 players that the Jays should remain patient with, and 2 players who don't deserve quite as long of a leash.

3 players the Blue Jays should be patient with

Bo Bichette

Many likely have found it surprising to see one of the most prolific hitters in the game struggling immensely at the plate. But here we are after more than a month into the season, shortstop Bo Bichette finds himself scuffling unlike years before. Never has Bichette ever had a season where his batting average wasn’t near .300, or where his OPS wasn’t above .800, not to mention an OPS+ above 120. However, he is currently sporting an abysmal .195 batting average, .530 OPS and an OPS+ below 60, which were all miles below his typical dominant numbers.

If that wasn’t clear enough, to put things into perspective, Bichette is on pace for only 51 runs scored, 5 home runs and 56 RBI for the season. How is that possible for someone who was a two-time All-Star, along with leading the American League in total hits in a season on two separate occasions? 

If the Jays and the fanbase want to look for some inspiration, just think of Trea Turner of the Phillies from last year and Francisco Lindor of the Mets back in 2021. Both star shortstops had horrendous starts to their seasons back then but bounced back big time to provide significant contributions to their respective clubs as the year progressed. It is highly likely that Bichette is just enduring in a similar dry spell as his predecessors, since he is just too good of a hitter to let this slide any longer. So look for him to explode any time soon in the coming weeks and we would all forget his slump actually even happened.