3 offseason moves that hurt the Blue Jays the most heading into 2024

Juan Soto & Shohei Ohtani at the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Juan Soto & Shohei Ohtani at the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Every offseason, there are teams deemed as both winners and losers. It's based on the additions made to improve the current roster of every ballclub, while not losing too much value from players leaving. In a recent post from The Athletic (subscription required), the Blue Jays were ranked as one of the weakest offseasons in the league, being given a D grade. There's just been a negative energy surrounding the Jays all winter, being criticized for the moves that were made, but also the moves that fans believe should have been made. There won't be a universal agreement about how the Jays have done thus far, but there were certainly higher expectations, after another meek playoff exit in 2023.

It's true the Jays have had a quiet offseason, however there are still some encouraging players who have been added, like re-signing Kevin Kiermaier, coming off a terrific season for the Jays last year. There's also Yariel Rodriguez, who could be a steal, who can be put in a starting or relief role (most likely both) throughout his contract. That being said, what decisions made by the front office will have the biggest repercussions? There are some specific players worth mentioning that have been directly correlated to the Blue Jays in the past months, and the outcome with all 3 can reflect poorly on how the Jay's resources were allocated. It may be too early to know just how the Jays will perform in 2024, but these are the moves that felt most the damaging.