3 Blue Jays who should see an expanded role in 2024 and 2 who should not

With the season coming up soon, certain players will be looked upon to perform in a bigger role, whereas others will be taking a further step back.
Davis Schneider - Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Centre
Davis Schneider - Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Centre / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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Should: Davis Schneider

Davis Schneider put the whole world on notice after an explosive start to his MLB career. In 35 games, he hit .276/.404/.603 for a 175 OPS+. The 25-year-old hit 12 doubles, 8 home runs, drove in 20 runs, while walking 15% of the time. Simply put, Schneider was a spark plug for the Jays from the moment he was called up, and his presence made a huge difference. Schneider did go through a cold streak in mid September, which dipped his numbers from otherworldly to merely elite. There could be room for minor concern, as he does strike out at a high rate, but the second base competition is somewhat loose for the Jays.

Schneider currently presents the highest upside of the crew to deserve more consistent reps as the Jays starting 2nd baseman. He's also capable of playing third base, if needed to make adjustments on any given day. With seemingly no clear alternative options, Schneider makes the most sense for the Jays, so they can really see what they have in him, and if it could work out to be a viable option for the long term. The Jays have seen Schneider at his highest, and they've seen him at his lowest. It's evident that he should be given a further opportunity in 2024 to try and recapture some of that early magic he's already shown.