3 Blue Jays we were wrong about near the start of the 2023 season

Toronto Blue Jays v Pittsburgh Pirates - Jose Berrios
Toronto Blue Jays v Pittsburgh Pirates - Jose Berrios / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Very often, people may have the tendency to jump to conclusions on results based on small sample sizes. For instance, like our current baseball season, one could write off someone who may be struggling, or may even begin to cast doubts and frustrations on why such and such a player was signed or acquired. But more often than not, those players end up proving immensely how wrong it was to make those conclusions so fast and regret that it was done.

Here are three Toronto Blue Jays players that we are glad that we were wrong about near the start of the 2023 season, as they have now gone on to prove their worth to make a big difference for the ballclub.

Kevin Kiermaier

Back in early April when Kevin Kiermaier got off to a strong start with the Jays, he was posting numbers that were above and beyond his usual career averages. He was so impressive that even we believed that his hot start most likely won’t be sustainable, and that he would eventually regress to the mean.

However, almost another month’s time have passed since then, and boy, were we wrong. Kiermaier has managed to somehow maintain that solid production and has continued to provide lots of damage, setting the table from the bottom of the lineup. He is currently hitting .311/.376/.481, with an OPS of .857 and OPS+ of 139, which are all on pace to shatter his career highs. In addition, he has scored 18 runs to go along with two home runs, 12 RBI, four stolen bases, and a strikeout to walk ratio just around 2:1. To top it off, he remains stellar defensively with no errors over 269 innings played and a DRS of 6.

Whether it’s the motivation and happiness playing for a new team, the fact that he is now fully healthy, or that he’s playing his heart out for his next contract, it doesn’t appear Kiermaier is slowing down any time soon, and we certainly hope he can continue to prove us wrong for the rest of the year.