3 Blue Jays prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should to help the team

Orelvis Martinez
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2 prospects to move

Spencer Horwitz

Spencer Horwitz has been a surprising prospect for the Jays, as he was selected in the 24th round of the 2019 MLB Draft. Horwitz has demonstrated great plate discipline, along with being a solid contact hitter ever since joining the organization. Often viewed as the “underdog”, Horwitz made rapid progression upwards in the Jays’ minor league system, eventually reaching Triple-A Buffalo in 2022. He may not have the greatest power, but he more than makes up for it by having one of the best hitting consistency in the Jays’ system. His batting average has hovered mainly above .275 and his OPS above .800, along with maintaining about a 1:1 ratio in walks to strikeouts throughout his career so far. Horwitz currently represents the most MLB-ready bat in the Jays’ minor league system right now.

For 2023, Horwitz is currently hitting .300 with an OPS of .826, along with 27 runs scored, two home runs, 34 RBI, three stolen bases, 42 walks and 46 strikeouts, all while awaiting his chance to be promoted to the big leagues. However, because of the position that he plays, which is mainly first base, his path to the majors is currently being blocked by Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who most likely will be with the Jays for the foreseeable future. Alternatively, since his bat is ready, he could potentially be a left-handed DH specialist, but that spot is also being blocked by Brandon Belt this season. As a result, to not waste such a promising prospect with nowhere to play him, he could potentially help the Jays recoup valuable help and assets to the team at the trade deadline.