The 2023 Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs show many similarities to each other

Alek Manoah and Auston Matthews
Alek Manoah and Auston Matthews / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Why does the current Toronto Blue Jays team seem to look more and more like the Toronto Maple Leafs?

  1. Style of Play
  2. Using Analytics
  3. Focus on Defense and Not Just Offense
  4. Having the Right Mix of Core and Character Players

After coming off a clean save in a 5-2 win against the Chicago White Sox this week, Toronto Blue Jays closer Jordan Romano recently showed his support for his fellow Toronto Maple Leafs team in a post:

Players from different sports teams within the same city supporting each other isn’t an uncommon trend in the sports world nowadays, since as competitive athletes themselves, they would want each other to do well and succeed as a whole. In addition, they often can feed off that energy to motivate their own play, too.

But what is much more unique is the fact that sometimes, a team may inadvertently try to “model” the success of the other in hoping that it would work for their own success as well. Right now, it’s not like they are doing it on purpose, but the more you look at the makeup of the current Blue Jays, the more they seem to look like their Maple Leafs counterpart, like it or not. How is that the case? Let’s take a careful look at some of the aspects of similarity between the two sports clubs.