15 worst Toronto Blue Jays free agent signings in franchise history

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10. LHP Ken Dayley - three years, $6.3M (1990-1991 offseason)

While Dayley was guaranteed less money than Hanson was, his deal easily wound up being worse for the Jays. 

Like Hanson, Dayley had experienced a full career of success before coming north of the border to play for his first American League team. Before coming to Toronto, Dayley functioned as an oft-used middle reliever for the Cardinals and Braves.

He was consistently a lock to have an ERA in the low-3.00s and was one of the best around when it came to limiting the longball.

At 32-years-old, Dayley signed with the Blue Jays on a three-year deal that completely blew up in the face of the club. He was limited to just 10 appearances in those three seasons, eight in 1991 and two in 1993.

Dayley suffered from an intense bout of vertigo that was the largest culprit in his missing so much time. When he did make it onto the mound, he struggled, posting a 6.23 ERA in 1991 while walking (5) more than he struck out (3).

He was not a bad player but this deal turned out to be awful for the Jays.