Blue Jays: Is it time to move on from George Springer?

The Toronto Blue Jays and George Springer have been unable to find common ground in their negotiations but at what point do they focus their attention elsewhere?

Toronto has been linked to Springer this entire offseason and have even reportedly made an offer north of $100 million to the free agent outfielder. Yet, here we sit still waiting for Springer to exhaust every other option before signing on the dotted line.

It is apparent the Blue Jays are not his first preference and he is content waiting to see if the Mets and anyone else come out of the woodwork with similar offers. That is his right and fine and dandy, however, perhaps the brain trust should give him an ultimatum, cut their losses and move on.

When should Ross Atkins and the Blue Jays cut bait with George Springer and invest those allocated funds elsewhere?  

The team has yet to make a significant move this entire offseason after focusing on DJ LeMahieu and Springer. Trust me, I would love to see the addition of Springer but at what point do you engage the likes of Jackie Bradley Jr. among others to fill the outfield void.

The team has also been linked to pitcher Trevor Bauer and J.T. Realmuto while many in the industry feel that Bauer will end up north of the border. Bauer would instantly shore up the rotation but he will also cost a premium for his services.

Realmuto may be destined for a return to Philadelphia as it was rumoured the Phillies made a $100 million dollar offer to their backstop in recent days.

There are still a plethora of talented players available on the open market, perhaps the team needs to focus on players who have a desire to play in Toronto, rather than those poised to use the Blue Jays financial clout as leverage.

The time is now Mr. Springer, make a decision or go find what you are seeking elsewhere.