Blue Jays: Bo Bichette not at all intimidated by the Rays

The Toronto Blue Jays are young, brash, and not at all concerned with their opponent when they take the field day in and day out.

Blue Jays shortstop went on record yesterday to reiterate that they are “zero percent intimidated” by their postseason opponent. Bichette wasn’t disrespectful toward his opponent but he may have given the Rays some whiteboard motivation for their upcoming series.

The upstart Jays have proclaimed this mantra all season long, proving time and time again that they do not care what logo is on the front of the oppositions jersey. That was evident after the Blue Jays were pummelled by the Yankees in New York, the next time they faced their division rival, they took three out of four and clinched their berth in the playoffs versus them.

You have to remember, all these young kids have won at every level coming up, and losing is not part of their makeup. The intestinal fortitude and leadership on this club is incredible, you are not going to scare or intimidate the likes of Bichette, Cavan Biggio among others.

Case in point to last season when Bichette faced future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw for the first time. The shortstop not only took him deep in the first inning but did it again in the sixth inning for good measure. Ho hum, no big deal, just another day at the office for Bichette.

Very few people outside of Canada are giving the Blue Jays any type of chance to win this series with the Rays. However, the Jays believe in their abilities and are not going to be deterred by the likes of Blake Snell or Tyler Glasnow.

Time will tell if their attitude resonates into playoff wins, but one thing is for sure, you will not intimidate this team. Zero percent chance of that.