Blue Jays still need rubber stamp from Federal Government

The Toronto Blue Jays have one last hurdle to overcome before they can play regular-season games north of the border.

The Premier of Ontario announced yesterday that the Toronto Blue Jays have received clearance from the Municipal Chief Medical Officer to play their home games in Toronto for the upcoming season. The Jays have received blessings at the Municipal and Provincial levels but still require a rubber stamp from the Federal Government.

Premier Doug Ford commended Major League Baseball on its extensive 150-page set of guidelines and protocols they have set forth for the upcoming season.

The tentative decision has sparked mixed reviews across social media as many fans are skeptical with the Government allowing opposing players to cross the border in midst of the current COVID-19 situation in the United States.

Opposing players would be forced to bubble much like the Blue Jays players have done during their current Summer Training Camp. If opposing players are seen in public, they could face substantial fines, however, it is unclear who is going to enforce that players are abiding by the strict rules while in Toronto.

It is unclear if Jays player will have to remain in the Rogers Centre Hotel for the duration of the regular season or if they will be permitted to pursue alternate living accommodations.

If the Blue Jays do not get the blessing from the Federal Government, it appears they will shift their attention to playing in Buffalo or possibly Dunedin. One way or another, the team will require a decision in short order as Opening Day is slated for July 24th in Tampa.

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Today’s decision is definitely a step in the right direction for the team to remain in Canada, now we just have to wait for the rubber stamp from the Feds to approve the decision once and for all.

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